VaultLOCKS® eLockbox

Grant access to your property – remotely.  


The Smart Electronic Lockbox That Works without Wifi or Cell Service.


So Easy to Use.  So Reliable.  Controlled and Secure Access.

- OR -

1. Visitor requests a smart access code (via text, email or telephone

2. You, generate a code specifying the date and timeframe of entry and expiration.

3. Visitor receives a code and punches it into the elockbox to gain access.

Whether your visitor needs to manually enter the smart access code or use Bluetooth access, the keypad will light up to let you know it’s activated and ensure quick and easy access.

Monitoring property access is essential to having a safe and secure environment. Elockbox’ administrative dashboard allows you to access the history records so you know who accessed the property. From your desktop or phone, you can add, edit, delete or view a property profile and its access history at anytime. The dashboard also offers a suite of tools and gives you the ability to keep track of your lockboxes and the property they are assigned to.

VaultLOCKS supports integration with external software platforms through an easy-to-configure API.  If you are a software service provider or individual company with a proprietary software platform, this feature will allow you or your clients to receive smart access codes for VaultLocks eLockboxes. are assigned to.

Modes of access plus a mechanical key so you’re never locked out.
Choose how long you want to grant access.
Time-based expiring codes for temporary use or routine access.

Plus a mechanical key access so you’re never locked out.

VaultLOCKS has been manufacturing locks since 2006 and has been built to withstand the elements.  Elockbox has been engineered to be rain and snow resistant and was designed with weather seals, a heavy-duty metal casing and a rubberized shackle.

VaultLOCKS elockbox offers the simplest, yet most customizable, code construct so you have flexibility to control property access in many ways.  VaultLOCKS elockbox gives you the ability to generate various types of codes –  a code that is valid for:  two hours after first use, a day, a week or even as long as a month, depending on the need.  Each code expires after the allotted time period ends, and a new smart access code is generated each time a code request is made.  This means that both you and the visitor don’t have to worry about codes being reused or key fobs that have access to all lockboxes in the area.  The system also provides you with a set of tools that provide you with visitor history reports so you can keep track of who’s using the lockboxes.

Do you have employees or contractors that need 24/7 access to your properties? Through eLockbox’ dashboard, you have the ability to add and assign unlimited authorized users to access your properties. Each time an authorized user accesses a code, the system records a history record with the time, date and authorized user’s name.


The VaultLOCKS eLockbox is a smart, electronic lockbox which operates using time-based smart access codes.  The code generation and distribution are managed using the VaultLOCKS cloud-based app and optional mobile Bluetooth app.

eLockbox is designed to provide remote, secure access control to 1 or 1000 properties.  Our current customers are property managers, contractors, real estate professionals, homeowners, AirBNB Hosts and others who require remote property access control.

The property owner adds the property to the cloud-based software from a desktop or phone under their personal account and assigns a lockbox to that property.  When a person desires to enter the property, they would contact the property manager and request access.  Upon approval of the property manager, the smart access code is generated and sent directly to the visitor via text or email.  At the property, the visitor enters the smart access code on the eLockbox keypad and enters the property.

The eLockbox owner sets up their personal account on our cloud-based software platform through a desktop or phone.  Access codes for all lockboxes are managed within your portal.  Access history is also accessed through your portal, along with other property and eLockbox set-ups and other useful tools.

Yes, the history records are available through the mobile app or a desktop computer.

What if the internet is down?  WiFi or a cell phone is not required to use VaultLOCKS.  The guest enters a valid 6-digit smart access code provided by the owner upon approval to open the eLockbox.

No problem, as long as the guest has the 6-digit smart access code which can be entered on the eLockbox keypad.

No problem.  The 6-digit smart access code can be entered directly onto the eLockbox keypad.

The eLockbox is powered by 4 AA batteries and is unaffected by a power outage on the property.  Owners can still provide codes using the mobile app if they experience a power outage.

The eLockbox is powered by 4 AA, and the battery life depends upon the amount of usage.  Typical usage should provide approximately one year of service.  When the batteries are running low, the battery light on the eLockbox will flash to indicate low batteries.

Each VaultLOCKS eLockbox comes with a manual key which will open the eLockbox in the event of dead batteries or other issue.  With the manual key, the eLockbox can always be opened or removed easily without the need for a locksmith or bolt cutters.

This is dependent upon the type of code you provide to the guest.  The VaultLOCKS eLockbox has many types of smart access codes available to the owner, depending upon the type/duration of access needed.  For example, time-based access options include two-hour codes that expire after first use, one day codes, one week codes, one month codes and more.

The visitor should confirm the code being used is valid for that time period, if not, retry during the valid time period.  Another possible cause would be that the smart access code is not being entered correctly.  The lockbox should beep each time the keypad is pressed – 6 digits, 6 beeps.  If the lockbox still won’t open, the property owner should contact VaultLOCKS customer service.

The user should confirm on their phone that Bluetooth is turned ON.  Manual code entry via the keypad will also open the electronic lockbox.

The cost of VaultLOCKS eLockbox is $115.00 plus a $7.00/month subscription per lockbox.  Buy Now

The VaultLOCKS eLockbox is designed with weather seals and has been tested to withstand rain, snow and temperatures ranging between -10 degrees and 120 degrees farenheit.  The keypad is extremely durable and has been tested to withstand dust.  It is not recommended that the eLockbox be left open to expose the interior to rain and moisture as that may cause problems.  A mechanical key is included so you are never locked out.

The interior space of the lockbox is: 4” x 2 ¾” x ½”.  This can easily hold 6 keys or key cards.  Large keychains may not fit within the space of the key holder and have to be removed.

No, however an authorized user can get permanent access as a new code is automatically generated and recorded with each visit.

What is VaultLOCKS(r) eLockbox ShowingVault?  
VaultLOCKS eLockbox ShowingVault is a cloud-based, software application for eLockbox owners and users to utilize in conjunction with eLockbox hardware.  With eLockbox ShowingVault, owners have the ability to grant time-based access codes, access a dashboard containing property access history, track lockboxes and more.  eLockbox users can download the app onto their phone, allowing them to open the eLockbox via Bluetooth with the smart, time-based access code granted by the owner.  Hosted in Microsoft(r) data centers with triple redundant servers on both the east and west coasts, eLockbox ShowingVault was architected for high reliability.  VaultLOCKS eLockbox Showing Vault app is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free at both the Apple App store and the Google App store.

Tech Specs

The VaultLOCKS® eLockbox was engineered to be durable, high-tech and secure. Manufactured in the United States, we worked with industry professionals to ensure we created a product that was easy-to-use, built to withstand the elements and secure.

No wifi or cell service required.

Size of interior space: 4” x 2 ¾” x ½”. Can hold up to 6 keys or key cards.
Weight:  2.7 pounds
Power:  4 AA replaceable batteries
Battery Life:  Approximately 1 year
Material:  Zinc alloy
Operation methods:  6-digit smart access code, Bluetooth or mechanical key override

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