Seamless Operation For Desktop and Mobile

The VaultLOCKS® eLockboxSystem is fully integrated. This means every VaultLOCKS® eLockbox you own will be connected to and accessible through the ShowingVAULT Management Center and Mobile apps.

At your computer? Log into the ShowingVAULT Management Center to get a dashboard view of all your properties.

Need to make a property accessible to a showing agent? With the click of a button you can remotely open your eLockbox, or temporarily give access to specific showing agents.

Using your smartphone? Open up the ShowingVAULT mobile app and get all the functionality from the web app in the palm of your hand.

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After Dark

No fumbling around in the dark. Whether you need to manually enter in a combination or open remotely from your smart phone, the keypad will light to let you know it’s activated.

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Bluetooth Remote Open Functionality

With the tap of a button from your smartphone using the ShowingVAULT mobile app, the VaultLOCKS® eLockbox will open up, giving you easy access to your property keys.

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Tracking Capabilities

Monitoring access to properties is vital, it helps create a safe & secure environment, and helps you keep track of your agents. The technology built into the VaultLOCKS® eLockbox tracks when the lockbox is opened letting you know when people enter the property.

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Better Client security

The VaultLOCKS® eLockbox System distributes time-based , encrypted access codes to manage who can enter the property. You no longer need to worry about codes being passed around from agent to agent.

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CUSTOM OPTIONSWIth your branding

Your brand is more than just your name and logo, it’s the way your customers perceive you. Go the extra mile and set yourself apart from the competition. Every VaultLOCKS® eLockbox comes with a customizable nameplate perfect for your company logo and/or your personal information.

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Integrated, intelligent & Secure. Make it yours.

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