VaultLOCKS® simplifies property access

A leading manufacturer of mechanical and smart electronic lockboxes since 2006.

Grant Property Access Remotely.   

The Smart Electronic Lockbox That Works without Wifi or Cell Service.

Time based expiring codes for temporary or permanent access.

So Easy to Use. So Reliable.

Easy as 1-2-3 

1. The visitor requests a smart access code (via text, email or a phone call)
2. You, the owner, generate a code that specifies date and timeframe of entry and expiration
3. Visitor receives smart access code and punches it in to gain access.


So Reliable

Best Smart Electronic Lockbox with Two Modes of Access for visitors – Numeric smart access code or Bluetooth

(plus a third mode of access for you – a mechanical key access so you’re never locked out)

Lockbox on Door

VaultLOCKS Mechanical Lockbox

Combination mechanical lockboxes that are easy to use, reliable and durable.
When time-based property access isn’t a requirement.

See which Mechanical lockbox is best for you.

Custom Printed Lockboxes

Custom Printed Lockboxes

Put Your Brand on a Lockbox
For realtors seeking to reinforce their brand or easily find their condo listing in a building, VaultLOCKs offers options to personalize a lockbox.

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